"My name is Natalya Chilina. I am a web developer and designer working and living in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. I specialize in the creation of responsive and unique websites with emphasis on web standards."

Autism Path Project

Autism Path is a Parent Support Group for parents of the children with autism, for which I am one of the co-founders. I have designed and developed the website, the logo and the business cards for the founders of this group. I also was responsible for the content planning.

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Website Design and Development. The website was supposed to be a guide for the parents, helping them to deal with autism and find the best way to help their kids to get better and, possibly, overcome autism. I was trying to make the website design as friendly as possible, visualizing the steps that parents should take in order to help their kids. The website mock up was created in Photoshope and then it was developed using HTML and CSS. The website has a fixed-width layout.

Logo Design. For the logo design I have chosen bright colors for the blocks, that represent different stages on the path of dealing with autism, to create an optimistic perception of this path, delivering the idea that, with proper intervention, this path may lead to recovery. The logo was done in Illustrator.

Business Card. The Business Card design was implemented in Illustrator. It uses the idea of an "invisible square".