"My name is Natalya Chilina. I am a web developer and designer working and living in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. I specialize in the creation of responsive and unique websites with emphasis on web standards."

Impairment Calculator

The Impairment Calculator (http://impairmentcalculator.drwilderman.com) is a web application that is used as a tool to estimate the probability of a catastrophic impairment.

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Website Design and Development.

I have designed and developed this web application using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node.js, and Yeoman.

The user interface was designed using Photoshop and Illustrator.

The application is a multiple choice questionnaire, where order and number of questions depend on a user's answers to previous questions. The questions, answers and order conditions are saved in a JSON file. To make updating of the questionnaire easier, the JSON file is generated from an Excel Spreadsheet (CSV).

The project scaffolding was done using Yeomana and gulp-angular generator.