"My name is Natalya Chilina. I am a web developer and designer working and living in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. I specialize in the creation of responsive and unique websites with emphasis on web standards."

Royal Team Realty

Royal Team Realty (www.royalteamrealty.ca) is a real estate company. The company requires the website to connect real estate agents with home buyers and sellers.

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Website Design and Development.

I have designed and developed this website using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node.js, and Yeoman.

The user interface was designed using Photoshop

The parts of the website that are shared by all pages (navigations, header, footer) are included in the page content using the gulp-file-include plugin during the build process.

The design and development was based on the best SEO practices.

The website was designed using the "Mobile First Approach"